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After graduating, most moved on to heterosexuality / Chandos ( geen seks na zes maanden van dating 1984 Gathorne-Hardy ( 1978 Lambert and Lambert ( 1968 Lewis ( 1955 and Nash ( 1961 ) Renaissance Italy / 12-18 / The majority of younger men and adolescent boys in all classes (working.
A key seventeenth century author (Li Yu) wrote a book illustrating popular interest in mimh.
The child-lovers: A study of paedophiles in society.
On the iatrogenic nature of the child sexual abuse discourse.( 1948 ) criticized clinicians for drawing upon morals coupled with anomalous clinical case studies to deduce what constituted abnormal sexual behavior across the human species.International Journal of Primatology, 16, 173203.In most places and times, marriage expectations have been quite strong, and mature males with a 3:2 ratio would likely have comfortably fulfilled marriage and reproductive obligations, just as mature males in mentorship societies with a 2:3 homosexual hebephilic-heterosexual teleiophilic ratio likely comfortably accommodated.Additional data indicate that human mimh has even deeper evolutionary roots.Physical attractiveness in adaptationist perspective.Blanchard asserted that there is "nothing in the contemporary environment that would completely abolish the relation between hebephilia and fertility." In fact, there are plenty of factors vitiating this relation, one being a strong pattern of delayed marriage in favor of educational development and career.In field work, Williams ( 1992 ) found that mimh was still common in late twentieth century Yukatan.Harmful dysfunction, disorder, disease, illness, and evolution.Given the enormous problems that hebephiles face because of their sexual preferences, none of which apply to heterosexual teleiophiles, it is remarkable that their mean fertility rate was on virtual parity with that of the teleiophiles, which suggests that their rate might exceed that.Though it should not be classified as a disorder, it could be entered in the, dSM 's, v -code section, used for non-disordered conditions that create significant problems in present-day society.By comparison, in Vasey's ( 1995 ) review, aside from species in the mixed category, mimh dominated in 43 of the species, immature-immature in another 43, and mature-mature in only.That is, some heterosexual hebephilic interest and behavior would have been adaptive in these environments.Lautmann, 1994 ; Vogt, 2006 ; Wilson Cox, 1983 ).New York: John Wiley Sons.These traditions are indicators of widespread genuine homosexual desires for boys, especially those in the hebephilic range, rather than mere role-playing in response to custom and cultural expectations.

The point is that harm is not, according to the preceding evidence, a property of heterosexual hebephilic interactions, as it has increasingly been assumed to be since the 1970s.